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Wedding Styling

Wedding Styling

April 10, 2017

A wedding day is one of the most momentous days in any ones lives.

What the Bride and Groom wear as well as their best men and mades of honor wear will be remembered for many years to follow.

Wedding Styling - Personal Shopper

Wedding Styling – Personal Shopper

Choosing a wedding dress or a wedding suite OR Tuxedo can not only be exciting but challenging when it comes to what colors work best with the persons skin tone and what suite and dress cuts suite the time of year and also the body shape of the person.


Having the perfect dress or suit for the right season is essential. I have personally been to weddings where the bride is dressed in a summer dress and it is zero degrees outside making her look extremely cold in pictures and not really suiting the special occasion.

My expertise in personal styling for weddings both for the bride and the groom and their best men and mades of honour extends to weddings that have been held in Greece, London, Scotland and South Africa.

After an initial FREE consultation I will gather your ideas, wishes and preferences and there after give you some suggestions on the wedding outfit, shoes and accessories.

Costs start at £100 p/hour

Whether you are looking for a personal wedding stylist in the London areas of Battersea-Kensignton-Sloan Square or a personal wedding fashion stylist in the London areas of Edgware Road-Richmond-Chelsea-Balham or Kings Cross I can certainly assist!


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