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Wedding Styling

Wedding Styling

With Katalyna’s Wedding Styling service, you will have a one to one sit down where Katalyna will speak to the bride and or groom to get an insight into how you wish to look on the SPECIAL day.

After the one to one sit down Katalyna will then give the bride and or groom a guideline into different styles and colours of dresses, suites and tuxedos that would be most appropriate according to your style, preferences and season.

Katalyna will also help in giving advice from her years of experience in

~ Footware that would compliment the chosen wedding dress, suite or tuxedo
~ Accessories that would bring out the best in your wedding outfit including earrings, necklaces, bracelets and hats for the bride and cufflinks, bow ties, and lapel’s for the groom.
~ A guide or assistance in choosing what your brides maids or best men could wear that would compliment the bride or groom

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