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Business and Corporate Image Styling in London

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Business and Corporate Image Styling in London

August 23, 2017

Do you know how important your corporate image is?
Are you interested to know how your business attire even down to your Giani Bernini brief case helps clients to make decisions about you and your business?

Your corporate image may be one of the reasons you were selected for a project or a client chose you to conduct business with. How you dress is often used unconsciously by consumers to determine the type of service they receive.

The perfect purse never fails to bring a business suite together or add a pop of color to what would have otherwise been an ordinary outfit. For a corporate image, it may be best to choose a neutral tone handbag with matching shoes.


Deciding what to wear to work is challenging some days, but the Dolce classic black ankle length pant coupled with a blazer is always within dress codes. Fasten the jacket at the waistline to draw more attention to the center of your body and take attention away from other areas.

Getting dressed to go the office is not as easy as you might think. The tie you choose to wear with your out can make or break an outfit. Steve Harvey makes small polka dot ties because he knows they are classic hits, however, paisley prints are popular as well. A personal stylist can help you to choose the right shirt and tie suitable for any occasion.

How to style myself in a corporate way

How to style myself in a corporate way

Ladies love an intelligent man and one who dresses smartly, too. A personal shopper can create a business image that reflects you and your brand which can be major selling point for your business.



Shopping can be tedious work, but to improve your business image, it must be done. Having a personal shopper is helpful in the case a person does not fancy shopping or for someone who simply doesn’t have the time. A wise shopping decision is to choose items that are easy to go from work to play.

Even while at play, you should look your very best as you never know who you may meet or when pleasure outing quickly turns into business.

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